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The Berry Fit Club is not the same as other fitness programs out there. Having struggled with obesity my entire life, and finally being able to break through to lose 120 lbs, I understand both what it's like to be stuck at an unhealthy weight, and the journey it takes to get healthy. 


I understand that every person's struggles are different, and I strive to find individualized solutions to support each client through their journey. The goal is to give each client the knowledge and tools to build a happier, and healthier lifestyle that will be sustainable for the rest of their life. 

About Laetyn

I've lost over 120 pounds after struggling with my weight my entire life. I've since dedicated my life to helping others reach similar goals, so they can experience what it's like to break free from their weight loss struggle. 

Getting fit opened my eyes to a whole new world I was never able to experience before. It gave me the confidence to do the things I want to do, and achieve the things I want to achieve. It made me realize that if I can lose over 100 lbs and beat a lifetime of obesity, I can do anything.  

That's what lead me to create The Berry Fit Club. I want to help others with similar stories to mine, achieve freedom from their weight loss struggles, and experience what life is like as a healthy, fit person.

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